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Vanna Galitsin MetgirlsVanna didn't even thought that her life would change so much...She used to have a really nice family and nice relationships with her parents. Her parents owned three stallions she took care of.
She woke up every day at 6 am to run them in the morning mist. She hoped to have a horse farm of her own and finish her studying in a circus school. But Vanna wasn't a good student and she was expelled from the school. After her fault Vanna entered a trade college. There she got acquainted with Valentina.
After recently turned 18, she decided to pose for Galitsin because Valentina did. Never having done anything remotely close to erotic photography, she took to it naturally. - Fine Art Nude -
Perhaps it was her years as a gymnast that made her so comfortable in her body, posing, positioning herself for maximum sexiness. And now she's hooked. The experience, she says, has changed her outlook on life.
Now Valentina hates Vanna, Valentina doesn't approve of her behavior: Vanna likes to drink alcohol and goes to

nightclubs. So she is a bad girl now. She has problems with her parents. Her parents treat her with misunderstanding.
So does Grig. He doesn't understand why Vanna did her hair cut and dyed. So he doesn't want to shoot her until she has her natural hair. He thinks Vanna looks terrible. In reality Vanna isn't as bad as she wants to look like. She just shows off too much.
It is the result of bad influence of her present friends. She had a cherish dream of getting married, now it is different.
Vanna by Galitsin
Vanna Galitsin Fine Art NudeHer favorite city is Prague (she visited it as a girl with her parents, who work for the United Nations). She hopes to go there soon and is going to study there.
She also hopes to do some modeling. She hears the city is very cosmopolitan, and that there's lots of work for pretty young angels like her.
Once Grig went to a nightclub and he was surprised to see Vanna with her friend dancing amateur striptease there ... The girls were a bit drunk and they were dancing just for fun. They won the prize: a bottle of tequila. So now Grig is going to shoot the film, where the model is dancing striptease... Are you excited? Don't miss it!!! >>more
Vanna Galitsin Fine Art Nude