Twins - Galitsin Young Metgirls

Twins Galitsin MetgirlsIt was a real luck for Grigori Galitsin to meet these wonderful twins. The girls combine pure and kind souls and sexual looks. Passing acquaintance with Galitsin uncovered sides of their souls were discovered. The twins couldn't ever imagine that they would be posing naked, but it helped them to look differently at the world around them, to change the concept of their bodies.
Galitsin calls the twins Zita and Gita - Young Metgirls - like the twins from the popular Indian film.
The girls are studying in the local Medical

Academy, in their first year of it, and are going to be kid's doctors. In reality they haven't decided yet what to do in their future, but they like kids very much...Besides both of the twins like to help people. They are very friendly and tolerant with people's drawbacks.
Galitsin nude twins
Twins by Galitsin Young MetgirlsDuring posing the girls try to be like each other: usually they do the same movements. That's why even the most experienced photographer Galitsin sometimes confuses the twins.
Zita and Gita are alike: their lifestyles and outlooks are the same. And the girls have a very interesting feature - they always forget their staff in Galitsin's studio. The thing is that they always rely on each other.
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Twins by Galitsin Young Metgirls