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Sandra - Galitsin Fine Art

Sandra Galitsin MetgirlsWith the first Fine Art photos shot with that girl you'll understand that you deal with a supermodel. You'll straight away remember Julia in her youth, funny grimaces of Liza, inaccessible strictness of Anais... And all these features you'll see in one model. Sometimes Sandra is alike a baby. Her beautiful eyes, marmoreal breast, golden hair, white corals of teeth, gorgeous bum - everything is perfect.
What's more, Sandra has got a wonderful character. She is calm, feminine and tender.
Both Valentina and Grig were slayed outright from the first sight. As she had entered the room Galitsin understood that his trip to Moscow was worth making only because of shooting that girl.
After the very first shooting Grig had a feeling that he had found a treasure. To describe her beauty and talent only one name came to the Master's mind - Madonna. The girl's inner power and self-reliance give us the reason to think that great future and world fame are waiting for her.
When the shooting day was long and it was dark already Grig accompanied her to the metro station it was a great surprise for him that Sandra it very models and shy in reality. When Galitsin kissed her cheek, the girl grew red in confusion.
Perhaps, this is the only girl so easy and fruitful to work with. The Master suddenly remembered his first shootings with Julia and Liza. Maybe you'd be surprised getting to know that Sandra started her modeling career from the shootings with a famous pornographic star Rokko Sifredy.
Our girl can't live a day without her husband. She doesn't leave him for a long time. When Grig got acquainted with him he was very surprised. The photographer imagined him alike Schwarzenegger or Stallone. But her husband is plump, calm person fond of music. You'll hear his music in the films Grig shot with Sandra. This is

one of the rarest cases when Galitsin agreed to communicate with the husband or boyfriend of his models. He was not disappointed with the meeting.
But the thing that amazed Grig was that our girl has been shooting in porno for almost 2 years. He saw some of them and now doubt these are extremely interesting and fabulous shootings.
The main question we asked ourselves and Sandra was "Why?" With her appearance, marvelous character and great artistic talent she would beautify any glamour or soft erotic website. Why did she begin with explicit shootings in porno? That was shocking for Grig and caused inner indignation and protest. The answer to that question you'll get from the interview with her.
Sandra Galitsin Gallery
Sandra Galitsin Fine ArtHaving talked to her husband and the model herself Galitsin made prior agreement with them that from now Sandra will pose for the Master exclusively! She promised to come to Volgograd and all the Team are waiting for her to come.
Sandra was conquered by Valentina's charm. Grig was watching with pleasure how the models were getting closer and became friends. The last shooting day was sad and with the tears in everybody's eyes. Valentina and Sandra endlessly hugged and touched each other with tenderness having a presentiment of parting.
Marvelous artistry of that girl helped her to uncover in different ways. You'll see a teenage girl jumping with a skipping-rope, sensual and mature woman during the shootings with her girlfriend Milla and tender friendship with Valentina.
We hope that you'll fall in love with Sandra as fast as we did and your love to her will be strong and lasting.
Grig experimented much in Moscow and our members will be surprised by new fantastic openings. As Galitsin set soft erotic standard for years, now you'll perceive new standards in his experiments.
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Sandra Galitsin Fine Art



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