Polina - Galitsin Girls - privat interview
Galitsin Polina

What do you think are some of your best features?
Good weight
Favorite Color:
Favorite TV Shows, list names:
"Women stories"
Favorite Books, list titles:
"Lolita" Nabokov
Favorite Movies, list titles:
"Enemy at the gates", "Idiot", "Traffic"
Favorite Magazines, list names:
"Fit for fun" and "Cosmo"
Favorite Web sites:
Favorite Music, list titles:
I like different music. I love Madonna.
Favorite Time of the Day, Why?
Night - I can do whatever I want
What is your educational background? Major?
Student, University of Commerce
Do you speak any other languages?
French a little
Favorite Place to travel, relax, or visit:
Moscow, Lazorevskoe and Volgograd
Where are some of the places you have traveled?
Moscow, Volgograd, Lazorevskoe and many other Russian cities
What is your favorite Holiday? (Christmas, Valentines, Thanksgiving, etc....)
Birthday, New Year and Christmas
Favorite Food, Snacks, and Candy:
Cream, chocolate and cheese. I love cheesecake.
What is your dream car?
Mitsubishi Pajero
What is your dream occupation?
Describe your favorite place to shop?
Do you watch sports, if so what are your favorite teams?
Yes, we watch soccer with my husband; my favorite team is Russian football team
Do you play any sports or other activities? Explain.
Tennis, basketball, volleyball
What are your hobbies?
I like to sing, but I'm not good at it.-)
Drinks of choice both alcoholic and non-alcoholic:
Milk cocktails, coffee and coffee with cognac
Do you have any Pets?
Marital status:
Nothing comes between...:
Me and my husband
My worst habit is:
I'm very suspicious
The one thing I cannot stand is:
A fussy person
What animal best describes your personality and why?
A kitten, I'm nice and warm
The people who knew me in high school thought I was:
Funny and unpredictable
How do you relax or spend your free time?
I spend all my spare time with my husband or with our parents
What has been the happiest moment of your life?
When I got married

What are your Hopes & Dreams:
I want to have a child so much!
The best advice I've ever been given was:
To get married
The worst advice I've ever been given was:
Trust your secrets everyone
What type of panties do you wear, if any?
Ideal Man or Woman:
A person who has an aim and is eager to achieve it
Does size matter? What is the ideal size?
I suppose size doesn't matter
Describe your First time (details: location, thoughts, satisfaction, etc...)
It was with my husband. It was at his place during his parents were sleeping. I loved him very much that's why I got a really great sutisfaction
Breathing of him, words about love, when he calls me a kitten
Useless talks and fuss
What makes you feel the most desirable?
His words about love
Best way to give you an orgasm:
Slight kisses of the entire body
What has been your best or most pleasurable orgasm?
It has been during the honeymoon
Do you masturbate? How often? (Finger, toys, or both)
No, I don't need it
What was your first fetish, if so what?
With my husband shirt
What is the most exotic or unusual place you have ever had sex? Or where would you like it to be?
At the cinema during a film
Favorite Sexual Position, why?:
A usual one. It's easy for me.
Extended Questions:
Describe a typical day in your life.
I get up at 7. Take shower and jog for half an hour. Then I prepare our breakfast and wake up my husband. Then he goes to work and I go to the University. After my studying I usually visit my parents and then I go home. At night I rest with my darling. We go to a restaurant or club.
Do you have any sexual curiosities you would like to explorer or have explored? Please describe with details (Girl/Girl, Voyeurism, etc...)
Voyeurism - I love to watch after someone making love
Describe in detail your favorite sexual fantasy:
I don't know why, but I've always wanted to have a sex with afro American!
Tell us about your idea of a fantasy date:
I have a fantasy date every day. My husband is so creative.
If you could be photographed in any way, in any setting, what would you choose? What would make you feel the most desirable, the sexiest? Please describe.
I would like to be shot with my husband at the seaside or under the water.
What can you wish our members?
I wish you have a good family, to be good mother and to have kids! Be happy! Life is so interesting and unpredictable!
What do you think about you work with Galitsin?
I hope I'll work with Galitsin next year! It's very important for me, 'cause I've opened the other side of my character. Thank you.
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