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Olea Galitsin MetgirlsIn some Metgirls Nude pictures Olea looks like a young Uma Thurman, doesn't she? In reality she is just pretty and cute, like her friends. Olea used to live with her family in Moscow. And a few years ago they moved from the fussy and noisy capital to Volgograd.
Now the model is studying at the Medical Academy. She hopes to be a medical researcher. Besides, Olea works in a top model agency as a model in her spare time. She is a professional model. Olea goes to Moscow with different projects as a model.
Once she met there one of the most famous and talented photographer Galitsin. He was surprised to know that she lived in Volgograd, because he used to think that she was from the capital. Besides Olea's surname is Galitsina. This surname is really rare, old and famous in Russia, like Romanov. So Grig was surprised, and treated Olea like a sister for a long time. So Olea and Grigori has much in common, that's why Galitsin likes to work with her.

Olea has two younger sisters. They are 17 and 16 years old, they are really pretty, and when they are 18, Grig is going to take pictures of them. He thinks they are cuter then there elder sister. So Galitsin is on friendly terms with Olea's family, they like to chat.
Olea likes ice-cream and cakes, but she also tries to keep fit. She attends a fitness club and a swimming pool. So all guys appreciate her petite, yet abundant, figure. This hot honey loves to make love!
Olea by Grigori Galitsin
Olea Metgirls NudeSoon you will see Olea's pictures with a sword. When the model knew that she looked like Uma Thurman, she began to imitate her. You will see likeness between them; the model looks like the actress in the film "Kill Bill". Olea really likes this film and especially the actress. Her big wonderful eyes, her long blond hair, her luscious pink lips make feel excited. But in different photos Olea is different. She's got quite a few sides: she is wild, but shy. Olea likes to be taken pictures on horses. In Lasorevskoe Grig took a lot of such photos. You will also see them soon! You have to look through the pictures of this wild girl! >>more
Olea Metgirls Nude