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Natia Galitsin MetgirlsNatia looks like one of the most popular actress Natalie Orearo. This feature helps her a lot in her life - everyone pays attention to her and asks: "Did you play in films?" In reality Natia sings in the local restaurant, where Galitsin likes to eat at night. She earns money there so as to pay for her education. Grigori also put attention to the Mosteroticteens Models girl.
Natia is on friendly terms with Julia. Both of them are studying in a theatre studio, and they are alike and always work together. Julia had always told Grig how wonderful her girlfriend was, and Grig was excited with meeting her. Once she came to Galitsin's studio with Natia. Grig was surprised, because Natia was the same girl he had seen in the restaurant before. And the photographer suggested her to work with him at once.
Natia has always dreamed of being famous, so it was a real luck for her. But she used to be in love with the guy who didn't let her be posing nude. A few months ago she broke up with him and

accepted Grigori's suggestion at once. Now all her spare time Natia works with Galitsin, and she is very excited with her new job.
Natia thinks that love is her life all the time. Now she is in love with her girlfriend Julia. The models have always wanted to have a sex with each other, but they couldn't find a suitable place. And once they came together to Galitsin's studio to pose...They couldn't resist the temptation, they began to have sex. At first the photographer was surprised, but then he took his camera and began to shoot a video. Two hot flexible bodies were moving... The girls didn't notice anyone. So now you can see a perfect video "Two sweaty pussies". It is the most popular one!.
Natia Galitsin Video Metgirl
NatiaValentina thinks that Natia is a very nice and cheerful model. Natia is very easy to work with and she always sings during taking photographs. It helps Grigori and Valentina be in high spirits. Natia doesn't like studying, but she likes going for a walk, picnics with her friends, and she does jogging every morning.
So the model likes to be pose outdoors, and always asks Galitsin to go somewhere. Besides she likes to drive a car, and Grigori sometimes lets her drive his car. So soon you will see the model driving a car. And you will see quite a few photos with Natia outdoors. >>more