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Milla Galitsin MetgirlsGrig's acquaintance with Milla started from the phone. He wanted to shoot sex between two girls and Sandra advised that model. She said that such experiment already took place and Milla is very good for this Models Nude Photo.
The girl reminded of an abandoned, diffident, left in the summer cottage pitiful puppy. All her appearance told that she is a little doggy that lost her boss. Milla talked much about herself, but that only confirmed the surmise about her loneliness.
When Galitsin came back to Volgograd he found Milla on one of the CDs bought in Moscow. She is a Moscow student who finishes her studying in a theatre university. The model is a scenario writer and you'll see that she is a very educated girl.

At first intercourse with her resembled a war of two intellects, but this caused only a stronger sadness. From the whole shooting day Grig got a small, but absolutely amazing film. Milla was terribly ticklish! Valentina and Sandra suddenly felt that and having fastened her with cords to the chair started to tickle the girl everywhere! That was a great sexual emotional experience for the models and only because of that film Galitsin was not sorry for inviting Milla.
Milla Model Metgirls
Milla Models Nude PhotoOur girl can make funny grimaces - just look at her lovely face! She looks marvelously with the toys, but is rather squeamish. She even brought her own dildos for the shootings.
The Master had one surmise regarding Milla - she loved girls much and hated men. Even her erotic photosessions took place mostly because of the thing that she has ability to make love with models during shootings. Milla's favorite hobby is licking clitoris and even on the shootings she tries to achieve mutuality from the girls.
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Milla Models Nude Photo