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Maya Galitsin MetgirlsMaya - Mosterotic Metgirls - is a spring girl! Everybody around admire her fresh look and gay mood. She is able and eager to give her sunny energy to all the people around her.
Her name comes out of the name of one of the spring months - May. Always surrounded with flowers, she radiates the shining of all the spring field flowers. Maya smells like a morning forget- me-not covered with dew.
The girl tries to behave herself as a stubborn independent mature woman, but she is a tender thing in her soul. She does not want anyone to figure out her true nature. Maya has 2 elder sisters; one of them is another model of Galitsin - Lina. The girls have no parents. Their father died when they were young and mother went to the North to earn money. Well, our girls are left alone and they live as they wish.
Maya likes adventures very much! If only she could she would run out to some abandoned island and find her happiness full of unusual moments. Perhaps she

would have written a story about her extreme trips ;-)
Maya young Galitsin model
Maya Mosterotic MetgirlsOnce Grigori was trying to find a girl for shooting a film about horses. He spent some months looking for a model, but he couldn't find the one he needed. Grig had a very clear conception about shootings, and that is why he was not satisfied with the girls he already tried on that role.
One morning Galitsin and Valentina decided to have a walk before breakfast. They went down the Embankment and Grig stood in numbness.
He saw an angel on a white horse. He was amazed by the fly-away hair of Maya. He could not imagine that this frail girl could seat in the saddle with such confidence. The Master invited the girl into the studio. When he finally tried to shoot the girl, he understood that that would be a great success.
Maya is very fond of horses. She works with them and gains real satisfaction and pleasure watching these noble animals around her.
Anyone will no doubt fall in love with this tender and simply splendid girl. >>more
Maya Mosterotic Metgirls