Liza - Galitsin Girls - privat interview
Galitsin Liza

What do you think are some of your best features?
I look like a doll; I like my pretty face, especially my eyes
Favorite Color:
Favorite TV Shows, list names:
"A house 2"
Favorite Books, list titles:
"Idiot" Dostoevsky
Favorite Movies, list titles:
"Boomer", and I like cartoons very much, especially Disney cartoons!
Favorite Magazines, list names:
"Fit for fun"
Favorite Web sites: , of course!
Favorite Music, list titles:
I like Russian pop music, like "Reflex", "Ivanushky International".
Favorite Time of the Day, Why?
I like early morning, because I can see a dawn - and it's really beautiful. I also like to go for a walk at this time, air is very fresh and I feel excellent!
What is your educational background? Major?
Student, University of Law
Do you speak any other languages? If so, say something to me in that language.
Favorite Place to travel, relax, or visit:
Suburban nature
Where are some of the places you have traveled?
Moscow, Lazorevskoe
What is your favorite Holiday? (Christmas, Valentines, Thanksgiving, etc....)
New Year, I love winter and this wonderful Holiday. It remains me about my childhood and I've always expected something mysterious.
Favorite Food, Snacks, and Candy:
Borsch, shchi - these are traditional Russian soups, I also like chocolate, cakes... I like cooking very much!
What is your dream car?
Mercedes-Benz 230 SL Pagode
What is your dream occupation?
Director of a famous and expensive restaurant
Describe your favorite place to shop?
Do you watch sports, if so what are your favorite teams?
Do you play any sports or other activities? Explain.
I don't play any sports professionally, but sometimes I like to go jogging in the morning.
What are your hobbies?
I like to cook very much!
Drinks of choice both alcoholic and non-alcoholic:
I like orange juice and Malibu
Do you have any Pets?
No, but I'm going to buy a dog.
Marital status:
Nothing comes between...:
Me and my dreams
My worst habit is:
I'm very noisy and impatient
The one thing I cannot stand is:
What animal best describes your personality and why?
A little nice pig - sometimes I behave like it
The people who knew me in high school thought I was:
Pretty and energetic
How do you relax or spend your free time?
I spend all my spare time outdoors with my friends or parents
What has been the happiest moment of your life?
When I cooked a big tasty cake for the first time myself. It was at my Birthday party and everybody admired it!
What are your Hopes & Dreams:
I want to have bigger breasts, and I also want to create nice family, to have two boys. I don't want to have a daughter, because she might have small breasts!

The best advice I've ever been given was:
Never trust people you don't know
The worst advice I've ever been given was:
Never lie, I think that sometimes it is better to lie.
What type of panties do you wear, if any?
Ideal Man or Woman:
Nice, beautiful and ambitious
Does size matter? What is the ideal size?
It does! I prefer the biggest one!
Describe your First time (details: location, thoughts, satisfaction, etc...)
It was so unexpected! I came to his place to do lessons, he helped me with chemistry, and he suddenly said -"I love you! I have loved you for a few months, but you don't notice me! I want you!" It was the first time I saw a great temptation in a man's eyes. I was shocked at first and felt something strange at the same time. I agreed...I don't know why. I was mature for sex and wanted it, I think.
Breathing of the excited man
Dirty hair
What makes you feel the most desirable?
Beautiful words about love
Best way to give you an orgasm:
Hot kisses of the entire body, I like aggressive sex!
What has been your best or most pleasurable orgasm?
In a sauna
Do you masturbate? How often? (Finger, toys, or both)
Yes, I like to use different special stuff for it and oils
What was your first fetish, if so what?
With my doll "Barbie"
What is the most exotic or unusual place you have ever had sex? Or where would you like it to be?
In my room when my parents guests were sitting behind the wall, in the next room
Favorite Sexual Position, why?:
I don't know it depends on a place, my mood.
Extended Questions:
Describe a typical day in your life.
I get up at 5-00. Take shower and jog for half an hour. Then I have my breakfast and go to the University. After my studying I usually visit my parents, grandparents, I cook meal for them. Then I go for a walk with my friends. I always go to sleep at 11-00 p.m.
Do you have any sexual curiosities you would like to explorer or have explored? Please describe with details (Girl/Girl, Voyeurism, etc...)
Sometimes I want to touch a beautiful girl, to feel her breathing... I had sex with my friend, Sasha. She is very rude and makes me do what she wants. I don't want to have sex with her any more. I want to gainl new experience, to have a pretty girlfriend.
Describe in detail your favorite sexual fantasy:
I have always dreamed about kissing a girl with astonishing wet lips and we are lying on the seaside with her. Then we go to a little house and we can't resist our temptation, we begin to realize our cherish dreams!
Tell us about your idea of a fantasy date:
I want to book a VIP room for one night in the most expensive hotel in Dubai and to go there with my beloved by my own plane.
If you could be photographed in any way, in any setting, what would you choose? What would make you feel the most desirable, the sexiest? Please describe.
I would like to be shot in a golden room with a rose made of gold in my hands.
What can you wish our members?
I want you to be happy and to like my pictures! I'm poising specially for you!
What do you think about you work with Galitsin?
During the work with Galitsin he became my second father. He is very nice and does his best for his models. And I want to say a special thank to Valentina. She helped me to discover myself in this life. Thank you!
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