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Larisa Galitsin MetgirlsLarisa is a very interesting girl; she has very specific outlooks. Mosteroticteens.
Born in Volzsky she has always wanted to live in Volgograd and to be very famous among reach men. When Larisa first came to Galitsin she was very sad and nervous - she used to be married. She had difficult relationships with her husband. He was a very strange guy and their marriage didn't last long. Now she lives with her elder sister. Her sister is really beautiful and she used to be one of the prettiest models of Grig.
Larisa admires herself and the girl has always had a cherish dream - to have sex

with her sister, but it has always been forbidden for Larisa. The only thing Larisa can do is to share a man with her sister - to have sex all the three together.
It helps Larisa to be closer to her wonderful sister and it gives her opportunity to touch her perfect body, skin...
Metgirls Larisa
Larisa MosteroticteensSo Larisa is a lesbian in her soul, and she isn't fond of guys at all. She has a lot off lovers but she just uses them like toys - they support her and give presents. In reality Larisa likes girls, her sister and especially Valentina.
She likes posing with Valentina. Larisa has always asked Grig Galitsin to take pictures of her and Valentina. And during such shootings Larisa has always bothered Valentina. >>more
Larisa Mosteroticteens