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Karina Galitsin MetgirlsKarina likes everything connected with Italy. The thing is that she was in love with an Italian guy. That love was extreme and unforgettable. Getting acquainted with him in a chat, the couple after it understood that they couldn't live without each other. At last they decided to meet in Moscow.
But their happiness wasn't long at all. It turned out that the guy had a wife and a daughter. It was a shock for the model. As you can see this love looks like Anfisa's relationships with a turkey guy. But in reality Karina's disappointment was bigger than Anfisa'a one. In spite of this fact she is still in love with him, she is keen on him and Italy.
That love made her study Italian language. She used to have a lot of ambitions, but now the model is at a loss. She is studying Italian and is going to be an interpreter. Karina hopes to earn enough money to go to Italy and meet with her beloved and his family. "It will be an interesting meeting"- the girl says.
But everything that happens has its advantages and disadvantages. So at that time in Moscow Karina met Galitsin and Valentina. Her natural long red pretty hair made Valentina put her attention to the girl. It turned out that Karina is not only amazing to look at, but easy and

interesting to deal with. She had made up her mind to work right in Moscow and after it she continued her working experience in Volgograd.
That was how the model started her work with the talented photographer. It gives her not only oportunity to earn some money, but also a possibility to be known abroad, especially in Italy. The model hopes to be admired by her beloved, by an Italian guy.
Karine by Galitsin-news
Karina Metgirls PhotoNow she is studying at the local Pedagogical University and she has just little free time to work with Grig. The thing is the girl is still suffering from her tragic love. It seems that she has lost all her hopes to be in love with someone else. But Galitsin tries to help her, he encourages the model, but Karina has only one dream- to find an Italian pen pall.
She is still dreaming of visiting Italy, especially agricultural centers, vineyards - she hates industrial cities. In her spare time Karina likes to look through Italian pictures - views of mountains, vineyards, fields, different ancient historical places (she also enjoys Italian history).
As you can see this wonderful girl is full of dreams and she is a real fan of Italy. We hope that her cherish dream will come true and she will find her love and her place in the world! So Galitsin wants to find among our members a gorgeous Italian man for Karina to find her luck!!! >>more
Karina Metgirls Photo