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Julietta Galitsin MetgirlsAbout Julietta:
This is the name our famous and celebrated Julia likes to call herself. Though the girl is much younger than Julia is she has got the same nasty nature. But it doesn't prevent her from being beautiful and evil creature.
A lot of people like such beauty type. Perhaps, a perfect mistress could come our of her, but the problem is that neither Valentina nor Grig can stand such characters.
The first day of communicating with Julietta was just amazing! Yet she was not irritated working with the model was pleasant. But after a day of posing our girl started to apprehend Galitsin as her property or even a future husband ;-) She at once confessed that she hasn't had sex for a long time. Having shown a small interest towards Julietta she suddenly jumped on Grig as a mad sex fiend!

Grig got to know that her boyfriend doesn't satisfy her and no one can. If you want to get a huge amount of adrenalin, scratched face and bitten cock you can go to Krasnodar! If you are strong enough you can find your destiny there. But there is an only condition - you must satisfy Julietta at last.
Julietta Galitsin Erotic
Julietta Galitsin Sensual MetgirlsIf a perfect temper of Christina, her easiness in communication and compliance remind of Julia in her youth, then Julietta's character reminds of Julia nowadays. The only thing that holds Julietta yet is that her boyfriend thrashes her rather often. Maybe the same way of care will suit Julia also ;-) but there is no strong hand for her here in Volgograd.
3 shooting days with Julietta reminded Grig of a gangland hit or the last session with Julia. Have you ever met a senescent pornstar who looks into the mirror thru the pink glasses and tries to see herself in the age she wants to be of? >>more
Julietta Galitsin Sensual Metgirls