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Heline Galitsin MetgirlsSo we are going to tell our members new and interesting facts about our models` lives. The virgin in this new voyage is Heline, our wild-haired wonder girl! She is really charming, isn't she? And her long blond hair, delightful unforgettable eyes make everyone feel free and happy when they look at the girl - Metgirls Nude Art.
So this angel was born and is living now in a small town near Volgograd, Volzsky. This town is just 50 years old, but it has already become famous of beautiful girls. There are 3 modeling agencies there. Heline lives there with her parents in a small nice house. But the girl has always had a dream to live in the big city Volgograd, because there she can look for more opportunities and adventures. She has always wanted to have a really large and modern apartment in the downtown of Volgograd.
There is a common known modeling agency in her little town, and Heline is a professional model. She has been engaged in the modeling agency since 12 years, and she really likes her job. But her parents have always been against of this job. Heline's father thinks that his daughter is spoilt.
So Valentina, who helps Galitsin find new models, met the girl in a model casting. She was impressed by Heline's long perfect hair. So was Grig. The talented photographer felt kind and sensitive soul of Helina at once and as a real master of his work Galitsin was able to reproduce

through photos not only her amazing look but also her rich inner world and soul. Changing images she is posing so naturally and attractively. Heline looks different in different photos.
Heline says that she likes working with Galitsin very much. At first, she was nervous, but now it is like her second nature. She thinks: "You really forget you are nude and you just relax and feel free and excellent. That is my favorite experience in it."
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Heline Metgirls Nude ArtUnfortunately Heline has no love now. She used to be in love with one guy, but he wasn't fond of her. So Heline was disappointed with him. He was bisexual and liked to be dressed like a girl. He loved to dress stockings, garters and stuff like that. So Heline's heart was broken, the poor girl felt lonely. Now she is looking for the real love, Heline is waiting for a gray-haired, kind and serious man with a big black car. She wants to go with him far away from fuss and noise to the seaside... She hopes that some day she will find such person and he will get all her love.
So the model is full of love. And it helps her to pose sensually. Once she even suggested Valentina and Grig make love three together. But Valentina and Galitsin refused it. But now they are thinking about her proposal :) Don't miss the new photos of this sensual and sexual girl! >>more
Heline Metgirls Nude Art