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Greta Galitsin MetgirlsThis model is unique and extraordinary, besides she has a very interesting and rare name - Greta. It is a German name; the thing is that her relatives are Russian Germans.
They used to live in Stalingrad after the World War 2, but before that they had lived in Germany in Dresden. So the girl has always wanted to go to Germany to visit the native city of her relatives. Greta has not ever been to Germany, but she has always been dreaming of seeing its famous places, go for a walk there, take pictures and get acquainted with new people. This Artnude Metgirls.
In spite of the fact that the girl has been living in Russia since childhood, she was brought up like all German kids - she knows German perfectly now and likes everything connected with that country.

Greta is studying the language in the university professionally, and it is obvious that she knows it even better then her teacher does.
This fact makes her teacher be mad with the girl. So Greta doesn't like to attend her lessons, she doesn't think that it is necessary for her. She prefers to spend all her time working with Galitsin.
Greta fine art nude
Greta Galitsin Metgirls ArtnudeHer parents don't give her much money, so working as a model is a great chance for Greta to make her cherish dream be closer - to earn money for the trip to Dresden.
The model hopes to meet a nice romantic guy there (may be a poet) and marry him.
Like all Germans Greta loves beer and well-cooked meet. She likes to go with her friends, especially with Elle to a quite cafe to drink a bit and to discuss their problems.
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Greta Galitsin Metgirls Artnude