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Elle Galitsin MetgirlsElle is very nice and openhearted and she looks like Julia. In some way the models are very similar- they have much in common: they are on friendly terms with Valentina; both of these blondes are nice, vivid and unforgettable.
Elle's beauty touches the connoisseurs' souls very much and her image is becoming unforgettable for many subscribers. Like Julia, Elle is not a professional model. And her real life is totally different from the life of a model.
Elle is a businesswoman; she has her own business- she is an owner of a kid's entertaining complex. She likes children very much and has always wanted to do

something more for them. So does her best friend Greta (Greta is very friendly and she has a lot of friends). It was Greta who made her come to Grig's studio and inspired her with joy of posing nude. Elle is very thankful to her.
Elle model by Galitsin
Elle Galitsin Metgirls Nude PhotoElle thinks that one of her best features is her beautiful shaggy pussy, and she has never wanted to shave it. Yes, it is absolutely naturally. So is her hair. This model combines absolutely different things. On the one hand she is a nice and touchy Grig's model, but on the other hand she a powerful and strict director. Elle hasn't formed her life principles yet, but she says that the work with Grig Galitsin has helped her a lot, she has different aims and thoughts than she used to have.
Elle is very busy with a new project now, so she doesn't have enough time to pose for Galitsin. But the model hopes that when she is free, she will return to work as a model. >>more
Elle Galitsin Metgirls Nude Photo