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Adel Galitsin MetgirlsFull stage name: Adel
There is very little that we can tell you, because Adel is so good. She has a great gentleness and pure moral principles, a merciful affection and constant heart, slight melancholy.
Inventive genius of mechanical arts is independent and has little patience with conventional ways of living.
Lover of music and dancing Adel is very changeable in opinion. She used to be a dancer in a nightclub, but now the model studies a lot.
She has different aims and ambitions. She is a second-year student in the Medical Academy and wants to be a great specialist. Born in a little town Zaiansk, which is situated far away from noisy megalopolises, Adel likes big cities as Moscow and Saint Petersburg.
The model told Valentina a lot about her childhood. Valentina was very surprised to learn that Adel was a chukchi by nationality (it is a rare north dying out nation), and like a real Chukchi woman the girl could easily go by dogs or reindeers and make a jurt (Nomad's tent).
So she has always wanted to be a famous club dancer and be invited to the most extreme parties of Moscow or Saint Petersburg. But the girl realizes that it is very difficult to go to an unknown city and start everything from the beginning.

Adel Galitsin
Adel Metgirls Models She is very pleased with her new part-time job with Grig Galitsin;
it gives her an opportunity to study and to earn money at the same time.
She likes to travel a lot but she hasn't ever been abroad, so the model is waiting for your invitations! This hot honey does sports (basketball) and is keen on expensive cars and yachts.
She has always dreamed of buying her own yacht to travel by sea. The model doesn't know why she has such a strong craving for the ocean.
Maybe this is because of the girl was living in a cold country for a long time.
But she likes everything connected with the ocean: sea meal, the smell of salt water, astonishing sea sunsets...
Adel even wants to have sex on the Palm Beach. She is similar with the personage of the well-known story "The red sails" written by A. Green, Assol, who is waiting for her real love coming by sea...
This dreamy girl is really wonderful and you should give her your attention! >>more metgirls
Adel Metgirls Models